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Scene-a-Week 4

Who are the main characters?
What is the story about?
What has happened in the story before this scene began?
What will happen afterwards?
Write 100 Words of the Scene:


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Oct. 13th, 2008 07:05 pm (UTC)
Genre: Fantasy/drama.

Who are the main characters? Michaela Shane, a harried stay-at-home mom; her husband Brian; her first love Taylor.

What is the story about? Michaela's disenchantment with her life, and how her life would have been drastically different if she and Taylor had never gone their separate ways.

What has happened in the story before this scene began? Michaela dropped her two sons off at school, and went to the mall to pick up a birthday present for her sister-in-law. While there, as she always does, she tosses a penny into the wishing well, asking for a different life. The next morning, she wakes up, and instead of kids and pancakes, there's a wedding dress and Taylor waiting for her.

What will happen afterwards? She'll try and figure out just what the hell is going on, and why her friends and family aren't at the wedding site.

Write 100 Words of the Scene:

Don’t freak out. Don’t panic. Don’t freak out. Don’t panic.

Stopping mid eyelash curl, Janie turned and looked at her. “She’s panicking!”

There was a flurry of activity as tulle covered bridesmaids--strangers--descended on her. They eased her back into the chair, trying to be soothing but instead sounding like an overexcited gaggle of geese. Janie pushed her way to the front of the group and knelt in front of her. “Michaela, it’s okay, honey. Just breathe. This is the day you’ve waited your whole life for. Everything’s going to be perfect.”

She shook her head. “This isn’t my life. My life is backpacks and mud covered little boys and Hamburger Helper.”

Janie quickly replaced the glass of water one of the girls had given Michaela with an amber colored liquid. “You obviously need something stronger than that, hon.”
Oct. 13th, 2008 11:21 pm (UTC)
Genre: Torchwood 4 spin-off.
Who are the main characters? Anne Suzette, Zachariah Bones and Melinda Summers.
What is the story about? Melinda, despite being the teams computer whiz, has been secretly planning a marraige for weeks now... only it isn't a human she's marrying.
What has happened in the story before this scene began? Anne and Zach have been rushing to find the woman before the creature kills her.
What will happen afterwards? Anne will take Mel back to her home and stay with her for a while.
Write 100 Words of the Scene:“Anne…” The young woman was sobbing now, painfully aware of having messed up.

“Mel, it’ll be okay sweetheart…”

“He said… he loved me.”

“Maybe he did in his way…”

“Anne, I…”

“You can talk it through later, once we get you home.” Anne had glanced at Zach during this exchange, glad of a strong male friend that could perhaps make this all seem less of a stress once she got home to their apartment, right now she needed that thought.

“Anne, no…”

“Melinda, don’t fight me.”

“You should go home… with Zach.” The blonde woman was feisty now but she seemed to also cling to Anne’s hands.

“No Mel, I can go home once I see you safe.”
Oct. 14th, 2008 11:37 pm (UTC)
Genre: Romance
Who are the main characters? Elinor and Edward
What is the story about? A retelling of "Sense & Sensibility"
What has happened in the story before this scene began? Two sisters will fall in love, have obstacles thrown in there way, finally overcome and get their happy ending.
What will happen afterwards? They'll all live happily ever after.
Write 100 Words of the Scene:
It was here; the day the Elinor hadn't let herself dream of. She was marrying Edward!

"Elinor! You must come outside!" Marget called from the door.

"Don't be a goose!" Marieann said. "She's in her dress, she can't go traipsing after you."

Margret looked so sad, "Please, Elinor?"

Elinor stood up. "If I can go outside to where the alter is, then I can go out to see whatever it is that Marget has done."

The three sisters made their way out the back door, Margret leading the way.

"I did it all by my self!" Margret said proudly.

Elinor looked at the large "Congratulations!" mowed into the grass of the field and broke out in laughter.
Oct. 15th, 2008 04:10 pm (UTC)
Genre: general

Who are the main characters? Abby and Greg, plus a plethora of friends, family and coworkers

What is the story about? The drama of getting married while trying to shuffle work, fighting friends and crazy family

What has happened in the story before this scene began? The company-making project went to hell, the best man decided he was madly in love with the bridesmaid -who just happens to be the groom's little sister- and the moms were arguing over the proper honeymoon location. Then the power went out in the church, which sent the bride outside to scream.

What will happen afterwards? Greg will find Abby and ask if they can just run away. The wedding will take place outside... and it will start raining just before the "I do"s. And no one has told the happy couple that the flight was cancelled due to a broken plane.

Write 100 111 Words of the Scene:
It was supposed to be a simple little thing, getting married. Abby loved Greg; Greg loved Abby. They were quite content to head down to the courthouse with their best friends in tow – actually, they'd have been just fine simply grabbing two random strangers off the street – and getting it over with.

The ceremony wasn't why they were getting married, after all. But Greg's mother loved a party; and Abby's mother had to show up Georgette Marks, who'd thrown a half-million dollar wedding for her daughter, Bridget.

The only thing that was perfect about the whole affair was the bouquet, which Abby's second-graders had made for her out of tissue paper.

Edited at 2008-10-15 04:11 pm (UTC)
Oct. 16th, 2008 12:08 am (UTC)
Started down one way and characters hijacked it.
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Who are the main characters? Patsy, Ramon, Steven, Jacob, Grandma Beatriz
What is the story about? The only family Ramon has is his 90 year old great-grandmother. Her dream is to see him married. Ramon convinces Patsy to pretend to be engaged to him. As Grandma's health worsens, Ramon and Patsy end up in a wedding. A flirtatious sheriff adds to Patsy's problems.
What has happened in the story before this scene began? Steven interrupted the wedding. He wasn't going to let his live-in lover marry Patsy. Grandma Beatriz had always known that Ramon was gay. Turned out what she was faking her illness because she really wanted was to meet Ramon's partner, and for Ramon to have kids. Grandma Beatriz thought that Patsy was going to be the surrogate mother.
What will happen afterwards? While Patsy's off laughing, Steven is accepted into the family. Patsy's name is crossed out and replaced with Steven's on the wedding banner. The wedding banquet continues with friends showing up. Patsy and the sheriff flirt, but without a childhood rival to spite, nothing comes of it. Patsy tells Ramon to call her in a couple of weeks to talk about the possibility of being a surrogate. Everyone lives happily ever-after in their own way.
Write 100 Words of the Scene:
Oct. 21st, 2008 06:55 pm (UTC)
Genre: YA/Mysery

Who are the main characters? Mina, Liam, Jenna, Russel, Fabian, Ben...(They've been allover - all but three came from this community!)

What is the story about? *big sigh* I've gone over this so many times...

What has happened in the story before this scene began? Mina told her mother she'll forgive her for marrying Benjamin in about twenty years.

What will happen afterwards? The Disney villains will invade!

Write 100 Words of the Scene:

Jenna put her head in her hand, and sighed. Mina thought maybe she had gone too far. Maybe. "Couldn't you for once not be selfish?" her mother asked her.

Mina stared staunchly at her. She wasn't going to listen - no, Jenna was WRONG - it was her mother who was the one who was selfish, definitely not Mina.
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