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Character a Day

Keeps the Writer's Block at Bay!

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Create a new character every day and keep the writer's block away!
What this community is about:
+ We're back from hiatus. Please note that the original format has changed, slightly, until we can get back into a groove.
+ A picture will be posted every day - or as close to it as possible - along with a few questions to get you thinking about the character.
+ All you have to do is reply to the post with provided template.

Community Rules:
1. We're all adults, here. Please act like it. This community abides by LJ's rules, FIRST.
2. Please don't hesitate to contact the mod if you need to.
3. You don't have to use the characters in your writing but, if you do, please post a link so we can admire it! Or post to characteratplay!
4. It's all very well to be inspired by someone's idea, but please ask if you actually want to use the characters invented. Check the Donation/Adoption Thread at characteratplay for abandoned ideas!
5. You can create character ideas for ANYTHING: fanfic, novels, NaNoWriMo, scripts, songs, etc. Anything, so long as you follow the template.
6. Have fun and play nice!
7. Rules may change at any time. If it's a big change, you'll be notified.

Have an image you'd like to see used or the perfect title for title-a-week? Leave a comment HERE.

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rules updated: 4/19/2013